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Throwing pebbles at jamaraat

Throwing pebbles at jamaraat

The thirteenth obligation in Hajj is throwing pebbles at the three jamaraat, the First (Oola), Middle (Wusta) and Last (Uqbah), on the eleventh and twelfth and, as a matter of caution, also on the thirteenth if its eve was spent in Mina. It must be done personally and appointment of an agent is not permitted except for a good reason.

It is obligatory to commence the throwing of pebbles at the First Jamrah (Oola), then the Middle (Wusta) and finally the Last (Uqbah). If the sequence is not followed, even if by oversight or ignorance of the rule, the procedure must be repeated to achieve the proper sequence. However, if one forgets or misses a Jamrah and throws four pebbles at the subsequent one before realising, he may complete the seven and there is no need to repeat there.

The obligations in respect of the throwing of pebbles at the Uqbah (the last) apply to the throwing of the pebbles at all the Jamarat.

The pebbles must be thrown at the Jamaraat during the day. The exceptions to the rule are shepherds, the indebted who are fearful of being arrested and all those fearing danger to their life, honour and property are permitted to throw the pebbles at night instead of doing so during the day.

If a person omits to throw pebbles on the eleventh by ignorance or oversight, it is obligatory on him to make up for it on the twelfth by way of qadha and if a person forgets to do so on the twelfth he must make up on the thirteenth and, as a matter of caution, the one who omits the throwing of pebbles deliberately is like the ignorant and, as a matter of caution, must differentiate between his current and qadha actions; the qadha must precede the current and the qadha at the beginning of the day and the current at noon.

If a person omits to throw pebbles by oversight or ignorance and recalls after reaching Makkah, it is obligatory on him to return to Mina to throw the pebbles. If he had forgotten to throw the pebbles on two or three days, he must keep an interval of one hour between the throwing of pebbles for the different days. If he recalls after departure from Makkah, it is not obligatory to return to Mina but he must perform the qadha in the following year personally or by appointing an agent.

The pilgrim who, like the sick, cannot throw the pebbles personally should appoint an agent to throw them on his behalf. It is preferable that he should attend at the place of jamaraat and witness the actions of his agent, if possible. If the agent throws the pebbles on his behalf at a time when there was no expectation of recovery but the pilgrim subsequently recovers, then, as a matter of caution, he must throw the pebbles personally. However, if he is not able to appoint an agent because of not being conscious, his guardian or any other person can throw the pebbles on his behalf.

The omission to throw the pebbles does not invalidate the Hajj, even if deliberate. However, it is obligatory to perform its qadha personally or through an agent, as a matter of caution, in the following year.

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